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Is tree removal a necessary exercise?

tree removal maple ridgeTrees are plants that are friendly to our environment. As we all know, plants are a huge source of our oxygen. The campaign to protect trees has been an on going exercise because the benefits are many, beyond just a source of oxygen. They also act as water catchment areas, they add beauty to our land and they are used in educational institutions for people undertaking environmental studies. Sadly though, there are times when there is need for tree removal.

The reasons for Tree Removal

This can be as a result of many reasons. Such as these and many more: 

  1. Diseases which could be infectious to other surrounding trees
  2. Safety to the public
  3. A way of improving growth for more trees
  4. In some areas, a certain height restriction must be considered
  5. Destruction of property

Consider local laws before undertaking tree removal

Before the exercise of removing a tree is carried out, sometimes a legal process needs to be followed. Some municipal by-laws in the Greater Vancouver area allow the removal of a single tree while others may allow multiple trees to be removed. At times, tree removal may not necessarily be undertaken because of a hazard. Tree removal may be carried out if it is of benefit to the land and the surrounding environment. A good example is when a tree has to be removed because it has exceeded a certain height and is blocking sufficient sunlight to the plants underneath and surrounding the tree. This can be considered almost unfair, but sometimes necessary.

Any time you want to consider tree removal, bear in mind that you must follow an effective and safe procedure. After a removal, try to find a way to plant one or more new trees.

Contact GJs Tree Services if you are considering the removal of a tree. Our professional tree services can have the tree removed efficiently and safely for you.


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